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Posted on April 5, 2016
Crashed spaceship on the Ashfire Moon.

Got a minute? Want to visit another world? At Ashfire Moon: Adventure Unlimited you can experience a lost civilization, walk the surface of an alien planet or traverse an alternate dimension and be back before the end of your coffee break. Think of us as your travel agent to impossible places.  Along with providing Travel Tips for Adventurers (how to navigate space ports and pack appropriately for time travel) we allow you to live vicariously through the daring exploits of others.

Considering an excursion to the center of the Earth? Why not follow the story of Emery Trent as he penetrates the outer crust of our planet in his ingenious drilling machine? Although it has been over a century since that first expedition, little has changed at the Earth’s core, and reading how Emery cheated death while exploring the Heart of the Hollow World will greatly improve your own chances for survival.

Ashfire Moon: Adventure Unlimited

Adventure Unlimited in the Hollow World

Ever think about being a bounty hunter in the American frontier? Before you time travel consider employing the services of Autumn & Gearlock: Danger Management. Don’t let Jane Autumn’s youth and innocent face mislead you. A girl with ray guns and a 7’2” robot is a match for the most vicious gunslingers the wild west had to offer.

If medieval fantasy is more to your liking a trip to Farlandia might be just the thing. This alternate dimension is a mere quarter of an inch to the left of our own, but damn hard to reach! Before risking the journey we advise you to read The Curious Saga of No-One to see how another person from our world fared over there.

And that is just the start. Follow the exploits of Micro in RobotWorld, join the dieselpunk revolution in Resistance or discover the fantastic occurrences that surround you every day when you meet a Nephilim. All of our content is free, but we welcome your opinion in return. If you enjoy something we’ve created Like, Comment and Share. It’s that simple! Your feedback will guide us as we explore new worlds, design new characters and write new stories. At Ashfire Moon it’s all about adventure.

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