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Got a minute? Want to experience a lost civilization, or walk the surface of an alien planet and be back before the end of your coffee break? Ashfire Moon is an original content site offering stories and images with fantasy and science fiction adventure themes.  Think of us as your travel agent to impossible places.

At Ashfire Moon all of our content is free, but we welcome your opinion in return. Artists are poor judges of their own work. If you enjoy something we’ve created Like, Comment and Share. It’s that simple! Your feedback will guide us as we explore new worlds, design new characters and write new stories.


These snap shots of extraordinary place, events and characters are featured on the Ashfire Moon home page to provide bite size vacations from reality. Postcards from the Moon will also feature travel tips, useful phrases and suggested accessories for adventures that can help you navigate space ports, pack appropriately for time travel and find the best bargains in alternate dimensions.


If it is an extended escape you crave, step into our library, select a title and start reading. Ashfire Moon’s online comics are presented in the uniquely cinematic Scrollon® format, an immersive narrative art form that takes you a visual journey without borders or pages. Most stories scroll horizontally, some vertically and a few have been known to change direction in the middle.


Our collection of fantasy and science fiction sketches, doodles and illustrations. Just pictures here, no reading required.


Doug Lefler

“Any day I can draw a giant robot punching a T-Rex is a good day.”

A film director, writer, storyboard artist and graphic novelist, Doug’s career in the entertainment industry has spanned forty years. He began in animation at Walt Disney Productions (THE BLACK CAULDRON, THE LITTLE MERMAID), worked as a 2nd Unit director (ARMY OF DARKNESS, SPIDER-MAN), TV director (the pilot episodes of HERCULES, THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS and XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS), and a feature film director (THE LAST LEGION). He is currently the Head of Story for The Third Floor, which is the largest previs company in the world.

Doug is also the inventor of Scrollon and a relentless writer and illustrator of his own original content.

Mark Moretti

Mark A. Moretti works primarily as a storyboard artist in Hollywood.  You’ve probably seen his work on any number of feature films, TV shows, music videos, videogame cinematics and commercials for a wide range of Directors, including Steven Spielberg, Adam McKay, Jon Favreau, Bryan Singer, Matt Reeves, Rob Reiner, James L. Brooks, and David Ayer.

Mark’s early interest in combining art with visual storytelling led him to Valiant Comics, where he moved from Penciller to Writer to Editor on multiple Valiant titles.  He is also the co-creator of Valiant’s Ninjak.

Mark lives in Burbank, CA with his wife, Disney WorldWide Publishing Children’s Book Editor Laura Hitchcock.  Two children, Sela and Roman, keep them very busy when they’re not creating entertainment for the masses.

Hiroshi Mori

Hiroshi Mori moved around a lot as a kid, living in Denver, Saskatoon, Tokyo, Shreveport and landed in Honolulu for middle school. At the University of Hawaii Manoa he developed a life long love for photography and was introduced to creating animation in Robert Rodeck’s Images In Motion Class. This eventually led years later to study under the tutelage of Jules Engel  at CalArts in the Experimental Animation program. His hand drawn animated short film CHAIR was shown at many film festivals including SXSW.  
He is one of the founders of The Third Floor previs studio and has been a previs/postvis and layout artist on MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, MEN IN BLACK 3, THE AVENGERS, STAR WARS: REVENGE OF THE SITH, SURF’S UP, and many other feature films.
Hiroshi lives one block north of Thai Town in Los Angeles.


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